Draw Learning Pro For Kids

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Draw Learning Pro For Kids is a charming application, where you can find educational and funny activities.it is designed for all children to start their adventure with the alphabet.

1.SHOW: Each of the 26 letters show its unique circus firstly and attracts kids learning interest;

2.TAP & TRACE: Learn where to start, change direction and finish by 52 animations(26 uppercase letters and 26 lowercase letters);

3.WRITE: Write the letter by tracing the dots. (each letter has its unique circus dot)

4.PLAY: Play 26 wonderful circuses after write it and you can choose “TRACE”, “WRITE” or “SHOW” by yourself.

You can Customize the game by turning each activity ON or OFF

✔ Contents
Fully voiced over in English, Spanish and French.

Over 1000 objects in 30 categories available for FREE download in the menu. Categories include:

Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Letters

Animals, Bugs, Food, Transportation

Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Musical Instruments, Art, Sports, Camping

Money, Fractions, Roman Numerals, Symbols

Yard, Kitchen, Bathroom, Tools

Trees, Flowers

Alphabet handwriting (A~Z, a~z)

Total 3class, learn 30 Themes and 150 words with flashcards

Bud class: My Stuff, House, Clothes, Food, Fruits, Animal, Vehicles, Action, Face, Family

Stem class: My Stuff, House, Clothes, Food, Vegetables, Animal, Vehicles, Action, Body, Preschool

Leaf class: Music, Art, Sports, Season, Time, Color, Nature, Feeling, Sky, Job

Kids can learn:
1.How to write letters

2.Letter names and sounds

3.Letter phonics

4.26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters

5.Manuscript handwriting style

6.Fine motor skills

26 amazing circus as:
Playing Ants, Unicycle Bear, Acrobatics Camel, Inverted Dolphin, Marching Elephant, Slide Fox, Hoop Giraffe, Dancing Horse, Siding Iguana, Spotlight Jaguar, Trampoline Kangaroo, Fire Lion, Flip Monkey, Magic Clown, Football Ostrich, Rolling Panda, Poker Q, Skating Reindeer, Balancing Seal, Roller Tiger, Fairy Unicorn, Hat Vole, Spout Whale, X-Train, Fire Yak and Drum Zebra!

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