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Draw Jump is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Draw Jump Review

Draw Jump is one of those games, like Doodle Jump or Robot Unicorn Attack, that’s super casual, super simple, and downright ideal for hop-in-hop-out iOS gaming. Like in Doodle Jump, your goal in Draw Jump is to keep bouncing upwards for as long as possible. Only, in Draw Jump you actually go somewhere.

There’s only one control mechanic in Draw Jump: you draw the platforms for your cute little rocket character to jump on. All you do is try to anticipate where your rocket will land, and draw a springy platform underneath him. You keep doing this through the whole game, trying to prevent him from falling off the bottom of the screen.

Go rocket go!

As you hop ever upwards, you can collect sunflowers, which give the rocket a powerful boost when you stock up enough. Eventually you’ll leave the earth’s atmosphere and go into space, where you can touch monocle-wearing stars whose gravitational pull flings you onward. Keep going, and you’ll reach new planets that each have their own look and feel. Since this is a high score game, your highest heights (measured in meters) are posted to the leaderboards.

That’s really all there is to the game. It’s easy enough for grandmas and small children to play, but it’s also fun enough to attract serious gamers of all stripes. Because it’s so simple and enjoyable, it’s hard to find too many problems with the game. Our one request would be for them to add optional checkpoints that let you start from whatever environments you’ve reached. Once you’ve hopped past a planet or two, it’s a bummer to restart from Earth when you die.

Draw Jump is about as simple as games get on iOS, but it’s also a highly polished experience. If you often find yourself with a few minutes to waste and a phone in your pocket, Draw Jump is easily worth a buck.