Dragon Scramble – Fly from Storm Cloud Danger, Tornado Trouble & Airplanes

If you’re looking for free kids games for girls & boys who love crazy, addicting non-stop action, it’s time to check out this awesome and new iPhone game from Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps. Clench your talons, flex those scaly limbs, stretch your wings, and climb into the skies with one of the best mobile apps to hit the market – Dragon Scramble is here!

Think dragons are the bad guys? They sure look menacing with their long teeth and breath fiery enough to roast entire villages, but when you play this cool game, the dragon is the hero!

Turn popular mythology on its head as you touch your finger to the screen, spreading your wings and shooting up to fly sky high and into the oncoming desert storm.

But this is no ordinary desert storm. As you hurtle onward, brace yourself for punishment. Through the vicious storm cloud danger, tornado trouble, whizzing airplanes, and the whirling propellers of the chop chop helicopters, you push on, trying to keep yourself alive against all odds and collecting as many fire coins as possible.

Obstacle after obstacle emerges from the dust, threatening to smash the wings off your back and send you plummeting to a crumbled dragon heap on the arid sands below.

Will the danger never stop? As you push your way through the roaring winds, seeking safety from the storm, the obstacles hurtle towards you faster and faster. The ultimate goal is to collect fire coins and get as many points as possible, but in order to do so, first you’ve got to stay alive.

One of the more addictive games to play with friends, this app comes with full Game Center support, allowing you to compete against your friends and share your tales of top action dragon lore. Destined to be a smash hit in this digital age, Dragon Scramble is fast becoming popular with a new brand of gamers.

Start out with the Brown Dragon, and when you core enough points to upgrade, you can choose the Red Dragon or the Ultimate Blue Dragon.

A fun, unique game for a new breed of players who like addictive games, Dragon Scramble is compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5.

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