Dragon Power

A fun and innovating game!

Here in the ‘Land of Dragons’, a powerful Dragon has become your greatest ally.  Working together you destroy thoughts preventing you from moving forward and gather the thoughts that will help you reach your goals.  Discover hidden treasures, light torches so villagers don’t fall into the rivers on a moonless night, and light chimneys for the villagers so they can stay warm and cook their food. You are the ruler over this land so using your power you create what thoughts your Dragon gathers and destroys or use one of many the supplied topics in the game.

You breathe fire to remove the roadblocks or negative thoughts holding you back.
You fly through and collect rings of positive messages, to help you move forward.

What you get with the Pro Version:
^ Unlimited Custom Messages!
^ Unlocked Topic messages of Love
^ Unlocked Topic messages of Health
^ Unlocked Topic messages of Abundance
^ More rings of goodness
^ More roadblocks to conquer

Earn Titles by:
^ Collect hidden treasures.
^ Helping villagers by lighting torches and chimneys for heat and cooking.

Create your own personal messages to help release or empower you.

How to control your Dragon!
Walk – tilt forward
Run – tilt more forward :)
Turn – tilt left or right
Fly – swipe up. Tilt towards you to fly higher and forwards to fly lower.
Land – swipe down.
Calibrate – if the dragon won’t listen to you!
Stuck – swipe up to fly or turn to go around object.
Shake – shake 3 times to change the music!

^ Fly thru as many rings to gather goodness
^ Fire the roadblocks or negative garbage getting in you way
^ Gather points by lighting chimneys and torches and earn Titles
^ Find hidden treasures

Select any combination of topics, Love, Health, Abundance or create your own custom messages.

The rings represent the positive messages you want to enhance in your life. The more you focus on the positives, the happier your life will become.

The roadblocks represent the negative garbage you want to destroy and remove from your life. Use the fire button to remove these roadblocks and release these limiting beliefs to have a more enjoyable, fun and happy life!

If you don’t want to see the negative messages, just select ‘Positive Only’ from the options menu.

Shake your phone 3X’s to change the music!

Happy Dragon Flying!

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