Dragon Maze!

★★★★★ I love it.Plays tons of hours!
★★★★★ My kids, 4 and 5, love this game!
★★★★★ Interesting and funny relexing game,deserve 5stars!
★★★★★ Tons of levels. Keeps my 7yr old entertained for a long time
★★★★★ Very addicting! Like to play it on every level until reaching of 3 stars! :)

☆ Absolutely new and awesome gameplay!
☆ Discover magic maze world on more than 70 levels!
☆ Be fast and accurate to get the best highscore!

➤ How to play:
✓ Use Joystick to gently guide the Dragon through the Maze!
✓ Avoid to get in touch with Walls – otherwise you will get an Electric ⚡ Shock!
✓ Collect all Magic Mushrooms to unlock the exit door and to proceed to the next level!

➤ Major features:
✓ 72 amazing levels to discover
✓ Retina display support
✓ Game Center integration
✓ Flexible Joystick setup for left and right-handed use

➤ Power-ups:
✓ Extra Lives – get double more Lives on Every Level!
✓ Extra Time – get double more Time on Every Level!
✓ Extra Speed – get extra “slow” and “fast” speed modes for more fine Joystick control!
✓ Kids Mode – become Immortal and get Unlimited Time to easily finish all Levels!

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