Dragon Life – Flying Fireball Quest

Explore the night while riding around with Bangkil the Dragon in this fun, cool, and super addicting dragon adventure. Bangkil, the fire shooting dragon, is actually just a little kid! Join him on his journey home after wandering a little too far from Mama dragon…

Bangkil the flying dragon can destroy rogue objects with one puff of hot fireball breath, but others get the best of him. Make sure to avoid those flying super spikes which can prove too much for any dragon.

Collect gold coins and super cool purple coins throughout this fun hunting adventure. By collecting enough coins and puffing fire through enough obstacles you can unlock Bangkil the Dragon’s super cool half sized alter ego: Bangkil the Purple dragon!


This game features “Immortal Mode” which gives the dragon’s unlimited health with uninterrupted gameplay for as long as you choose. Normal gameplay can be resumed by turning this feature off in the main menu by touching “Immortal Mode off”

Download this cool and super addicting dragon adventure right now and start puffing your way toward Bangkil the Dragon’s elusive prey!

Music provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk
Thanks Guys!

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