Dragon Knight4

★Version Notices★
– Free Ver. : Full version of the app, with every contents available.
– Premium Ver. : Equal to Free Ver., but starts with 3000 coins(You can receive the coins via Network menu).

☞ Description

★ Enhanced PVP system! Fantastic network fight!
☆ Hi-res graphics and dazzling effects!
★ 4 Classes with distinctive styles for prolonged playtime!
☆ Convenient quest system ; you can receive and complete quests anywhere, anytime!

☞ Features

▷ Choose from 4 classes with distinctive play styles!
– Swordmaster ? a master warrior
– Sorceress ? a skilled magician.
– Black Magician ? the caster of dark powers
– Blacksmith ? a hammer-wielding fighter.

▶ No more old-style RPG; the ever-evolving Spirits!
– Divided into the Angel type and the Demon type, Spirits grow up to level 30 in form of wings.
– Spirits will help you through your journey with various effects!

▷ Online Network Dungeons!
– Divided into three difficulties, network dungeons guarantee more fun and challenge!
– New dungeons will be added in future updates!

▶ Finished the story? Try Player Vs Player arena!
– When you’re done with every monsters and bosses, challenger other players. – Gain reputations through ladder tournament.
– Create your own character by purchasing exclusive items with PVP reputation points!

*Change of platform(Serial, USIM, Phone number) may cause problems with the app.

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