Dragon Fly – Adventure

☆ ★ ☆ ★ Are you ready to fly, evolve and get stronger? Take off to the sky on this new flying action game with its very own evolution system!

Soar the horizon and explore different worlds in this amazingly fun and cute game app. Dragon Fly will let you embark on an exciting journey with a variety of dragons that you will definitely come to love. Activate skills and use items and equipments to avoid and eliminate enemies! Watch your dragon grow, evolve and become stronger!
• Choose from a variety of Skills and Equipments to customize your dragon’s capabilities.
• Collect all elemental dragons such as Fire, Water, Ice, Earth and more!
• Different missions and challenges to complete and beat
• Level up your dragon and make it evolve
• Unlockable skills, items, achievements and features
• Different islands, worlds and terrains for you to explore
• Integrate the game with your favorite social networks to compete with your friends
• Supports Game Center
Dragon Fly will grow with your game skill, as we add more features, dragons, elements and other
surprises. Subscribe, like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter and be updated with the latest news
and updates!

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