Dragon Fire: Una's Quest

Dragon Fire: Una’s Quest is a retro arcade top down shooter where you play play as a dragon who has to blast her way through weird & wonderful lands filled with armies of crazy creatures.

- 14 levels from dense forests to stormy mountains
- Grow extra heads to increase your firepower
- Amazing Stage Bosses including spitting camels and psycho meerkets
- Epic multi-headed dragon Level bosses
- Collect stars to unlock 3 mini games
- Bright, colorful cartoon style
- Play with D-Pad or Joystick

“Dragon Fire is great fun, with creative enemies, colourful graphics and some interesting replay options. Coupled with epic music and plenty of options this is a refreshing game which is well worth a look.” APPTRAWLER.COM

“Great new game! Really enjoyed the feel of it.” SLYAPPS.COM