Dragon Boat Racing Lite

This is your chance to race your own Dragon Boat. The challenge is to be the fastest Dragon on the water.

An exciting game with intuitive controls that puts you in the driving seat. You control and navigate the Dragon Boat down different courses whilst racing against the clock.

There are two challenging courses: a practice course called ‘Awakening the Dragon’ where the Dragon Master teaches you how to race and a race down the famous river, Fraser River in Canada.

In the Full Version there are more races to complete including the River Dragon Race in the Yangtze River, China and the Night Dragon Race in the Mississippi River, USA.

The legend reads:
For 2000 years mythical dragons have ruled the waters.
Earth, Sky and Mountain Dragons awaken the warrior spirit within each other.
Whilst the Thunder Dragon, challenges their dominance.
Your adventure begins with ‘Awakening the Dragon’ as your dragon boat is prepared for the battles ahead.
Choose your dragon wisely.
The drums are silent, the paddlers are ready and the dragons are waiting for the race to begin.
Let the racing begin from Country to Country, River to River, Lake to Lake, Ocean to Ocean.
Challenge your friends or yourself but most of all keep the legend alive by beating the Thunder Dragon.


•Each race is a different country to discover with graphics designed to showcase the countries.
•Three level of complexity to keep you challenged
•Options for you to create and name your own Dragon Boat
•Race against your friends through GameCenter leaderboards.
•Share your successes through social networks

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