Dragon Baccarat

Baccarat is the casino card game for high rollers. Dragon Baccarat has big beautiful cards and quick responsive game play. Have a go, it’s FREE to try and, with luck, can be played free forever!

- Universal iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app.
- Large realistic playing cards.
- Play as quickly as you like, the interface doesn’t hold you back.
- Unlimited bet value.
- Player and Banker pay evens (Banker pays 1 to 2 on a 6)
- Tie pays 8 to 1.
- Access to the full rules from within the game.
- Free choice of table color from green or red.
- Free choice of card back from red or blue.
- Listen to your own iPod (or other) background music whilst playing.
- Full retina display graphics (on iPhone 4).
- Game Center support so you can compare with your friends.
- Card shuffling and sliding sound effects that can be muted.

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