Dragon Adventure Revenge

Dragon Adventure Revenge!!
-This game is a shooting adventure game.

It is for improvement about your joypad control and several packages.

###Now, we thank you for many your downloads!! and we happy due to your enjoyment from playing of our game.
so, we decided that this game for free perfectly.(for games upload celebration event, promotion Ad period, your needs)

# iphone 3gs users also can play this game smoothly.
(of course, iphone 4 or above , ipad2 users can play this game more sooth & exciting.)


## Let’s be a Dragon in the fantastic world. 

There are 5 types of dragons.

1. Each others have 2 types of attack skills ;
basic attack and powerful attack
( if you press fire button until attack gauge is full, then
detach fire button for powerful fire shot.).

2. Dragons have 3 types of common special attack skills.

## Dragons became angry because of monsters’ attack. so, they fly to the sky and defeat devil monsters!

Now, Let’s be a dragon!

then, Let’s fly to the sky and defeat many devil monsters.

but, final boss is really really strong &
powerful. be careful !!

Who can defeat this devil monster boss ??!!

Let’s play fun with Dragon Adventure Revenge .

More get stars, more get game golds.
More fly longer, more get game golds.
More defeat monsters, more get game golds.
then, you can buy some powerful attack skills, revival wings,
and assist skills by game golds.

Just do it now!!!

We hope that this game will give you extra-life happiness.

### we will update for your comments of game playing soon !! thank you for your download & review comments.

## if you have any problems of our games, send us e-mail.
e-mail ; cgm_master@naver.com

# now, we catched that your needs about improvemet of our game.
so, we will uploaded 1.03version patch about joypad control & more monster game golds soon!

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