Our friend wolf’s exciting, pleasure and refreshing counterattack begins.
No matter how outrageous herbivores, if you can connect bead well, you can easily make them go away.

Find a place where same shaped characters, and then simply make a straight line over, then the same characters will pang!
When you connect the longer line, you will get higher scores.
If you connect more than 8 characters you will get an apple item which can demolish all items.

Within a minute, take a chance!! With all your senses, now start~!!

-Easy for all people and the game rule is easy to understand
-Fast and straightforward play
-Facebook racking interworking function
-Weekly game raking system

[How to play]
-Connect more than 2 same shapes of character blocks, the blocks will pop up.
-Connect more than 8 same shapes of character blocks in once, an apple block will appear.
-When you surround an item block with other shape of block and make it pop up, the wrapped around item block will randomly change.
-When you touch the item block, it will immediately trigger.
-the blasting item can be used three times per game

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