Dracula Ville

Season’s Greetings! His Lordship, the Governor of Dracula Ville, has prepared gifts for you to decorate your castle!

Build over a hundred styles of constructions, plan your territory and create a unique DraculaVille of your own! Not only will you enjoy the fun of adding cozy cottages, exotic shops, beautiful plants, delicate decorations and magnificent castles to your territory, but the floating island, magic train station and mysterious lava zone will bring the amazing experience you’ve never had before!

Different types of constructions have their own uses. Some would bring new labor force to the territory, some would provide funds, and some would generate magical materials that allow you to take more efficient developments. With all these different features, every player will have a DraculaVille of distinctive nature.

Of course, as a mighty and undying vampire, life and wealth shouldn’t be the sole pursuit of yours. That’s why there are other excellent features including glaring gems, delicately carved jewels and mysterious alchemy waiting for you! They will bring nice profits and chances to win secret gifts and items!

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