Dr. Nano X: Incredible Voyage – Lite

DrNano shrinks down to enter patients and blast dangerous nanotech and parasites. This 3D platformer is an adventure game with some of the most unusual environments and game play you will ever see!

In DrNanoX Lite you will guide your player through some of the most “dangerous terrain” imaginable with dual stick controls and even a submarine to blast the enemies to smithereens.

DrNano X Lite Features:

•Large areas of 3D terrain of environments based on the REAL THING!
•Mutated Creatures, Monster Parasites!
•Use your weapon to blast your enemies!

How to play:

•Dual Stick Controls with Swipe enabled
•Play in First Person, Over the shoulder and Third Person View on the fly

If you like DrNanoX Lite please rate it 5-stars in iTunes everytime an update is out!

Its your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming!
Thank You from DrNanoX Lite and the rest of the crew

Join the fight against the human body invaders and save your patient.

Check out the FULL Version video on You tube:


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