Dr. Morph’s Memo

“I love it. I am amazed that somebody took a tried and tired concept like a memory matching game and created such a unique experience” – Smartkidsapps.com 5/5

“Dr. Morph’s Memo puts a fun spin on the traditional memory game ” – Bestappsforkids.com 4/5

In this exciting matching game you get to see all the strange and wonderful animals that Dr. Morph creates in his secret laboratory. He combines well known animals into new and fun species that get’s your imagination going. Try to get a peak of them all and collect their photos.

The gameplay is a classic matching memo game – find all the pairs. But in Dr. Morph’s Memory, physics are added and you need to keep track of where you last saw that goat… With fun graphics, animations and sounds this game will entertain the whole family for many hours!

– 100 different animals to collect
– 3D physics for unique game-play
– Lots of hidden animations and sound effects
– Gallery with all your animals
– Playful graphics and sounds
– Easy and kid-friendly interface
– Play with or without score and rules
– No ads
– No in-app purchases

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