Down 4 The Count

Let your fingers do the punching in Down 4 The Count! Show your quick finger reflexes in this full-on action arcade boxing game. Take on 10 challenging opponents including Banker Bob, Zed the Zombie, and the ultimate Cyborg 3300 – each with their own boxing style and special skills. Each bout lasts up to three rounds, providing for fast and furious game play! Climb the career ladder as you beat increasingly tougher opponents to unlock the next challenger!

• Tap to punch, swipe to dodge, touch and hold to block, and save up your punching power to unleash your Fire Punch!
• Use the speed punch bag to train and increase your stamina and punching power
• Earn the right to upgrade your gloves as you progress through the game
• Use your powerful Fire Punch to knock out your opponents
• Take on 10 unique fighters, each with special skills
• Defeat all 10 to become the World Champion!

Down 4 the Count also includes the new OS 3.0 iPod Library feature which allows you to create the ultimate boxing soundtrack from your iPod music!

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