Double Or Quits Solitaire

A new free, fun and challenging solitaire.
The game starts with a 3×3 grid with a card in the center. The center is the foundation and all other cells form the reserve.
The foundation is built regardless of suit using a sequence in which the value doubles: A-2-4-8-3-6-Q-J-9-5-10-7-A-2, etc. For instance, if the card on the foundation is a 4, an 8 should be placed over it. If the card on the foundation is 9, the doubled value is 18, and a 5 (18-13) must be placed over. Cards from the stock can be placed in the reserve. Cards in the reserve are available for play anytime.
The game ends when stock ends, and points are the sum of the values of the cards in the foundations. Game is won when all 48 cards are put in the foundation, with the kings end up in the reserve or in the wastepile.

So, ready for the challenge?
Give it a try, it’s free!

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