Double Maze HD Lite

Double Maze

An inseparable duo awaits your strategy to free them from the bondage.

Brandy and Mandy are lost in a super maze. You need to wriggle them out towards the exit and release them into their free world.


Double Maze is extremely challenging and addictive Puzzle game. It’s not an easy task to balance both the fishes and wade them through barricades and collect keys to exit.

The smooth accelerometer controls are definitely there to slide Brandy and Mandy like they are on butter. But both Brandy and Mandy move about in equal pace of the
direction you tend to move them.

Collect colored keys to unlock the paths and to reach the destination. The game gets tougher and challenging when you move to higher levels.

Built with an advanced physics engine for fast, smooth, realistic puzzle game, we bet you’ll love these fishes. It is very simple and need no instructions, no video trailer, just start and go.


⋙ Bubbly and lively Brandy and Mandy

⋙ Extremely addictive and Challenging Level design

⋙ 50 nail biting levels

⋙ Scoring and achievements on Openfeint and GameCenter

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