*** Warning! ** Extremely Hard Game! ***
The most challenging game of Dots and Boxes that you will ever play.
If you think that Dots and Boxes is a kids game, be prepared for a shock!

The rules of Dots & Boxes are very simple, however the game is remarkable because there are many levels of sophistication to the play. Once you have learnt a new level, you will nearly always beat someone who plays at a lower level.
To beat this game you will have to be proficient to a least five levels – and once you have achieved that you will beat almost everyone you know. Be warned though – it is extremely difficult – so you may want to master the four levels in “Dots & Boxes” before attempting this version.

I’ve tried as many of the competing apps that I can, and have yet to find one that plays at more than the first level of ability, so make sure you only download Dots & Boxes from Codewrite Ltd. if you want to become a Dots and Boxes Master!

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