Dot is the virtual Pet with a difference!

Name your new Dot and take care of it! Feed it when it gets hungry, play with it when it’s bored, keep its space clean and nurse it back to health when it gets sick.


⦿ Dot has a mind of its own and will look after itself when possible!
⦿ Your Dot is directly effected by your actions. Feed it too much and it’ll become slow and out of shape, neglect it and it will get sick!
⦿ Stats for your Dot help you judge its needs. Mange its mood to keep it happy!
⦿ Watch your Dot grow bigger and bigger as it ages!
⦿ Play games with your Dot to keep it active and healthy!
⦿ Plenty of Game Centre achievements to unlock!
⦿ Social sharing with Facebook and Twitter!

Stay tuned for updates bringing new skins for you to customise your Dot, new games to play, Dot personalities and much more!

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