Doseipon’s Space Shuffle

FREE this month!
This is a Friendly Puzzle Game !!

Today is the Festival!
A plaza is filled with many many stars from around space!
They can’t find their partner.
Let’s sort stars, and pair same stars together!

Swipe screen left or right to slide the stars.
Tap screen to fall down stars.
(Swipe a little up to change star positions.)

Make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same stars to remove them.
When Doseipon erupt, stars fall down automatic.
When stage is filled with stars, and stars stay in tube, you lose.
Remove more than six stars at a time, you can get high point!
And make some combo, you can get bonus point!

Sun: Burns same stars as adjacent stars.
UFO: Kidnaps stars with suspicious beam.
Doseipon: Remove 3 lines under his feet.

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