Doodle vs Brute : World Domination

Help the mighty giant cybernetic ape ‘brute’ dominate the doodle land!

Doodle vs Brute is a unique doodle action game. Crush buildings, fight doodle infantries and paratroopers in this fast action packed doodle game. Gain new abilities and skills as your brute improves itself by purchasing giant cybernetic implants.

Upgrades body parts and gain new skills and abilities on your way to world domination!

Relive the spirit of classic hit game rampage through this new breed of monster destruction game. :
“Rampage World Tour Meets Death Worm In Doodle Vs Brute For iPhone. A sleeper hit that’s worth checking out was released recently.”

– Full retina and iPhone 5 display support
– 4 different skills/magic bring chaos and destructions
– 15 different implant, each gives truly unique effect
– Lots of cute different types of enemy infantry units and personalities

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