Doodle Solitaire – insanely addictive card game

Your favorite windows solitaire card game now in AppStore, with a twist of Doodles too.
At every stage of play, you will be delighted by the perfection and beauty of the game.
Few features of the game:
*Drag & Drop the cards just like real cards.
*Cards automatically fly to the finished decks.
*Cool Animations for game Auto finish.
*Multiple card sets. On the fly change card sets between classic & doodle cards, even in the middle of game also.
*Change the game background to your own photo from photoAlbum.
*Restart same game.
*Unlimited number of undo moves.
*10 Best scores.
*All time played Vs won & success rate history.
*Cool animations in between for the delight of your eyes.
*The beautiful 3D animations at the end of game finish will make you play more & more games.
*If you are an environment/climate lover, you got to see cool jokes/doodle paintings at the end of game finish.
*Extensive help provided on game rules.
*Easy to access menu & pause the game.
*The UI is seamlessly integrated into a beautiful 3D/glassy icons/images.


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