Doodle OMG

Be warned, this game is immensely addicting! You will struggle to put it down, saying to yourself “Just one more game!”

Help your doodle duck, dodge, and weave through falling boulders and ninja stars. Why are these things flying at you?
Well, I don’t know. Thats where the name Doodle OMG comes from!

Aspects of the game include:

Survive boulders and ninja stars flying at you as they progressively grow in speed and difficulty.

Background changes as you get higher scores and to higher stages.

Global high scores with Game Center along with achievements ranging in difficulty!

Complete retina display graphics! The game looks great on retina display devices as well as older ones.

All updates will be free to download.

Various power-ups and lives to extend the play time and intensify the experience.

Funky soundtrack in the background by Jake O’Connor.

Very addicting, you’ll find that you can never put this game down!

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