Doodle Fish Jump Free

From the author of million plus downloaded game….
WARNING: This is a super addictive game!!!
What’s unique:
I introduced a specific multiplayer race in turn based mode. Players can take turns to hit the target score of 50,000, one who reaches first will win the game!

Also this game is great for kids to learn spelling words. A word will be hidden which you need to find and spell correctly to earn bonus points. Give your kids some productive time while playing games!

How To Shoot?
Just Tap on the target with your finger!

Never reached very high while playing jump games ? Try this “Turn” based jump where you will be easily reach to 50,000 heights!

Features –
– 50K Turn based Race with Friends
– 20K Race with friends – challenge your friends! This is all about your SPEED!!! How fast can you reach to the finish line without being killed?
– Hop on jelly fish. If you miss then you loose.
– Super addictive.
– Soothing background music.
– Take a ride on sea turtle.
– Shoot sea-monsters/sharks.
– Jump high and fast.

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