Doodle Devil™

Rating: 12+

Doodle Devil™ is a game from JoyBits Ltd., originally released 3rd November, 2010


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Doodle Devil Review

Finally, the world is back in balance. Now there’s a Doodle Devil to even out any disruption caused by the release of Doodle God. If you played Doodle God, then you know exactly what to expect in its devious counterpart: Undiscovered elements are waiting to see the light of day, and it’s up to you to find the combinations to make that happen.

And really, if you’ve had your fill of Doodle God, then there’s no good reason to play Doodle Devil. Not only is the gameplay identical, but many of the same elements appear in both games as well. The only difference is that the new elements in Doodle Devil skew toward the darker side of things, like gluttony, sin, and murder.

For those unfamiliar with the basic gameplay, Doodle Devil is a game of discovery. You start out with just a few basic elements, like fire, water, man, and woman. The goal is to create new elements by combining the existing ones. For instance, if you combine man with fire, you get the new elements corpse and suffering. If you combine corpse with fire, you get ash.

What to throw into chaos? Hmmm…

If you haven’t played Doodle God, you’ll probably find this to be a unique experience. As your list of elements grows, however, the number of undiscovered elements shrinks while the number of possible combinations grows. In other words, the more you play, the trickier it gets. And since it all boils down to guesswork, it actually becomes less fun as you progress.

But there’s a lot to like here, too. The gameplay is unique, and the presentation is elegantly polished. Each time you discover a new element, you’re given a relevant quote from history or pop culture, and these are usually fun to read. We just wish they had changed up the formula from Doodle God to justify an entirely new download.

So check out Doodle Devil if you’re looking for a simple, unique game that’s easy to pick up and play. It doesn’t have much depth, but that doesn’t take away from the fun factor. If you’ve played Doodle God, however, you won’t find anything new here. On the other hand, it might bring balance to your gaming.