Doodle Bunny Lite

Yep, it’s bunny and jumping higher than ever! “Doodle Bunny” is not just a jumping game, it’s a running game too. It’s been a while when running games are on trend and so, we came up with something bit different.

There you go with “Doodle Bunny”, other than gameplay you are looking at, we have introduced diffrent and amazing doodle graphics and yes it’s funny, you’ll last laughing and smiling while playing the game and will enjoy till the end.

Why bunny ? cause that make sense for jumping. How can a bunny be apart from carrot so, as a bonus you have to help bunny to collect all the carrot’s hanging on the air.

Noop! you cannot do simply by running and jumping, ofcource there are hurdles, almost every thing you see above the ground and below the sky are hurdles do not dare to touch any of those or else you’ll lose a life.

In a bunch, help bunny in his most advetures journey without losing it’s life as jumping over the hurdles and carrying carrots as bonus points. Tap once to jump a hurdle, tap two times to jump longer or higher. The game difficulty will constantly increase after the specific distance is covered and a walking bunny turns into a running champ.

In-app Purchases for power ups or bonuses

* Get a bundle of 5 “Invincible” power ups to avoid any obstacles.

* So, the game seems too fast, Purchase 5 “Slow Bunny” Power ups to slow down you’re bunny.

* Life ain’t enough!, Get 3 Extra Lives for each game and live longer.

* So, you want to skip few meters Purchase 2 “Quick Start 200m” Power ups.

* Think you’re self as a pro then Purchase 2 “Quick Start 500m” Power ups.

Have tons of fun and we wish you people have a great day. Don’t forget to rate and review, we really admire them,

need any assistance or got a feedback you can visit on our official fanpage

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