Doodle Ball Fall

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Looking for a game that’s easy to play, but sooooooo hard to master?

Doodle Ball Fall is the next generation of fast paced fall down style gameplay — where reflexes matter above all else.

Taking advantage of the internal accelerometer, tilt your device left and right to get the ball to fall. If you don’t like that there’s also touch controls!!

You better be quick and always think two steps ahead if you’re looking to succeed.

Ohh.. if you’re not that quick don’t worry. There’s a difficulty setting so we can train you to be a ninja master.

Come in and see.

Special Note:
This is only version 1.0. We have plans for many updates.
If there’s something you want to see in the game please don’t be shy. Give us an email. Let us know what you want to see next.

Coming Soon:
+ More Levels
+ Game Center Achievements
+ More Power-Ups

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