Doobie Shooting HD

Doobie Shooting is all about the little birdies awaiting your help to unite with their friends. They are unable to fly as their wings are too small. Can you help them out?

• With the help of a catapult and your agility, get the birdies together
• Detonate birdies by matching 3 or more birdies of the same color
• Keep playing till you clear all the birdies present on the screen
• Make way for more points by detonating three or more birdies

Be cautious: The game will get over if all the birdies touch the ground.
Doobie Shooting is a pleasant game for game lovers of all age group. Aim, hit and score in this newest and exciting game. Get a good dose of fun now!

• Impressive graphics and good gameplay
• Offers hours of entertainment
• 8 various colored Doobie Birds

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