Donut Dunk

Who loves donuts? We certainly do, and we show it in this donut dunking game! Toss donuts and other yummy treats into a huge cup of coffee, free throw style. What’s the best part? We’ve included multiplayer mode so practice hard to win bragging rights as the “master dunker” amongst your friends! Three other special modes to choose from. So many donuts, so little time!


– 16 yummy donuts and donut holes to choose from in the Classic mode
– 14 other yummy diner food items to toss
– 3 other special modes to play
o Donut Decorator. Create yummy donuts and send a postcard. Make someone’s day sweet!
o Feed Me. Customers are hungry. Get those orders right!
o Food Fight. Need we say more?!
– Funny diner patrons cheering you on when you play
– Play against your friends and family in multiplayer mode via Gamecenter

** Please note that Donut Dunk is free to download, but some features and premium items require real cash to purchase via in-app. **

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