Don't Forget the Lyrics™

Don’t Forget the Lyrics! The hit game show has arrived on iPhone.

Join host Wayne Brady as your work your way up the ladder towards the Million Dollar Song. From pop to disco to country, guess the lyrics from a broad range of musical genres.

– Follow the bouncing ball! –
Tap your way through the songs with an easy to learn rhythm game. Fill up your bonus meter to earn backups that will help you out when it’s time to guess the missing lyrics.

– Guess the lyrics! –
Fill in the missing lyrics. The song ends and you need to finish the line. How well do you know your lyrics? Need help? Choose one of your backups to get help guessing the missing lyrics.

– Dozens of songs from various musical genres
– Unlock various achievements
– Track your stats on the leaderboard
– Share your progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter

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