Donkey Tonto

“A quick, cute, and warm puzzle.” ★★★★

“Great Game!” -Bendrew, App Store reviewer ★★★★★

Donkey picks his nose because he can’t deliver the package.

Help Donkey by running, jumping, throwing, and *thinking* your way through these puzzles. JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE POOP!

Donkey Tonto is a physics puzzle game. It is inspired by the classic Chinese tale, “Colt Crossing River.” The goal of Donkey Tonto is to deliver packages, avoid the poop, and collect the envelopes. Making deliveries requires creative use of the objects around Donkey. There are multiples ways of passing levels, but you should find the fastest one. Bear in mind that sometimes a Donkey’s mind is more powerful than his muscles.

Donkey Tonto has a vibrant, hand-drawn style, combining exaggerative animation with a humorous plot. The result is one of the best games of 2012.

So go help Donkey! Give him imagination! And when you succeed, congratulations! You made it! You are a genius.

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