Donkey Jump

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☢WARNING☢ – It is going to take all the skill you have. This might be the hardest platform game you have ever played! Description below.

☞ Mobile Game Storyboard ☜
The objective of the game is to fight off enemies (killer bees, killer aggressive rats and one huge secret monster at the end of the level) with super sonic ammunition and save the farm with “Jenny” the Donkey in a barn or save “Don Juan”.
♡ Single-player platform game (for now)
♡ The game begins near a huge volcano
♡ The first character of this game is “Don Juan” the Donkey sporting some cool threads

✓ Players have four translucent touch screen buttons to control Donkey movement/actions
✓ Find switches to open platforms and access 6 different intervals before finally reaching the secret killer monster
✓ Jump on trampolines and glide in the air to other platforms
✓ Shake bonsai trees and collect more beans
✓ Unlock/purchase additional heros with beans during gameplay
✓ ”LMFAO like characters” with cool threads
✓ Enables customization of sounds within gameplay settings
ӝ Record, upload and share funny sound files for ammunition
✓ Supports iCADE iPad arcade cabinet and iControlPad gaming controls
✓ Access “Game Center”, search for and add friends to see their scores

★PLEASE NOTE★ Additional in-app content can be purchased. Adjust device settings to lock out the ability to purchase in-app content.

☄ Please feel free to create some noise, pun intended ;)
Ü Talk to all your friends and family
❅ Christmas is coming soon, gift Donkey Jump to friends and family

☺ Support Issues
– Save file names in english
– Need internet connection to upload or download sounds
– Our game is only available for iOS 4.3+
– Close all other apps or games on device
– Try Clearing you memory cache or upgrading iOS

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