Don't Fry the Frog!


Kotaku’s Gaming App of the Day 2-28-12

Don’t Fry the Frog is a new game from Blacktorch Games bringing you the best in frog-hoppin’ fly fryin’ romp through the swamp action!

-Complete more than 100 missions!
-Increase your frog level!
-Earn valuable Fly Pennies !
-Unlock powerful new Shiny Flies!
-Deploy special tools like Bug Spray or the Tin Foil Hat to give your frog an edge!
-Customize your game with new beams and backgrounds!
-Show off your fryin’ skills and compare with friends online!

Your frog has overindulged, and if he eats any more flies, he’ll explode! Help him stick to his strict diet by fryin’ flies before he can eat them! But be careful! Some special flies are really unhealthy if your frog gets ahold of them, and must be fried at all cost! Others are packed with vitamins and are good for your frog to eat! And whatever you do, DON’T FRY THE FROG!

Don’t Fry the Frog features a unique control scheme, bringing multi-touch gaming to a new level! Just touch the screen in two places to create your fryin’ beam, then slide across the screen to fry those unhealthy flies! Move your fingers closer together or farther apart, and the beam will shrink or grow to match your movements! But look out for your frog’s tongue!

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