don't feed the Panda

“This hungry little panda loves food! Not just bamboo.. all food! Pretzels, burgers, donuts, even popsicles! What are we going to do with him? I know! Let’s make him the app of the week.” – Karley Campbell –

“Te recomiendo que la descargues ya que es muy entretenida y ademas apoyas al talento mexicano.” –

“My girlfriend loves pandas and isn’t keen on Kung Fu fighting apps or ones that carry weapons. She loves this game is on this quite a lot! I think personally it’s a great app, it’s different and it’s free, give it a go!
Plus the controls (just tilt the iPod) are easy to use!
Perfect panda app!* – Brett Storey – App review

“This game is one of the most common panda games I play. I have a ton of panda games too! It is hard(even if it doesn’t seem like that at first!) get it an you won’t regret it!!” The panda lover – App Review

Don’t feed the panda! or he will fall from his dream. Jump with this chubby panda trough bamboo platforms, eating and jumping all over the game. But be careful, too much weight could break the platforms and he will wake up from his fantasy. Get some bamboo sticks to reduce your weight and keep going with the fun.

Come and play this simple but learning and addictive game but remember DON’T FEED THE PANDA.

– 20 Challenging levels
– Global leaderboard and 20 hard to get achievements
– Large, short and moving platforms to jump up
– All kind of fast food.

How to play:
Tilt to move left or right, avoid the fast food and eat only bamboo sticks to get slighter.

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