Don’t touch my FISH! HD

Fishermen are everywhere, trying to steal all your fish! You must take drastic action to defend your helpless fishies!

Don’t Touch My Fish is an exciting game for the whole family! This fast paced tapping game includes a variety of levels and fun for all ages.

Level 1: Help the brave Captain defend his home from the fishermen’s viscous missile attack! Destroy the missiles before time runs out!

Level 2: The Captain’s swap is being invaded! Only you can help the captain defend his swamp from trespassers and greedy fishermen trying to steal all of the fish.

Level 3: The fish are getting hungry! Feed your fish delicious food but be careful, some of this food will give your fish a bellyache!

More great levels await you inside the game.

Download Now for the most hilarious, fun adventure in the game “Don’t Touch My Fish!”

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