Don Juan Squirrel HD – Fun Jumper

Created with love and passion, Don Juan hits the stores! Beautiful designed art, challenging stages and a amazing gameplay wait for you to be experienced! Believe us, your kids will love it! FREE for a limited time!

Cute Don Juan has been a lonely squirrel for a very long time! Trying to find a girlfriend he went to a famous TV dating show where he saw the beautiful Consuela. She managed the lonely squirrel’s heart to pound really crazy. In order to go on his first date, Don Juan needs your help! Help him to overcome all the breathtaking challenges on the way to Consuela’s heart!

Use the entire screen and explore an amazing and modern gameplay. Avoid angry birds on your way and be careful with the different types of platforms. Watch out the water level and find the easiest way to solve each stage. Collect as much nuts as possible to get the best star rating and buy awesome items in the shop. Try to find all the hidden fireflies!

A beautiful designed game backed by challenging stages and a modern gameplay waits for you! Let’s rock!

• Modern and exciting TILT control using the entire screen 

• Awesome and addictive gameplay 

• Incredible shop filled with crazy and powerful items! 

• Challenging stages to solve

• Beautiful designed themes and graphics
• Share your result with the world!

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