Dominos-42 3D

Dominos 42 is the Official State Game of Texas!

Recent Reviews:
5 stars ★★★★★
“Enjoyable game, nice to have this version of dominoes available!!!”

3 stars ★★★
“As an occasional player, this has helped me brush up on my bidding, playing, and counting.”

5 stars ★★★★★
“Dominos 42 3D is great for learning to play this classic game, and help you master the basics.”

—Full Description—
Join us and play the classic Texas Dominoes game, Dominoes 42 3D on your iPhone today! Enjoy playing Dominoes 42 against your friends, family, or just practicing against our AI!

Built for fans of Dominoes 42, this game is more like classic card games such as Euchre, Hearts or Spades than any traditional Dominoes game.
It has “bidding”, “trump” and “suits” and is very strategic and challenging, just like those card games, EXCEPT it is played with Dominos!!!

—Powerful Features—
+ Supports any iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad)
+ 3D Graphics and smooth animation
+ Support for high-resolution Retina Display
+ Single Player with up to 4 CPU players.
+ Multi Player (2 to 4 players) via Wifi
+ Classic Dominos-42 options such as “Nello”
+ Choose “Points or Marks”
+ “No trump trump” Option

—Incredible History—
Dominos 42 originated in Dallas in 1887 as Texas 42. Later, it was adopted by a University in East Texas (in a town called College Station), where clubs and tournaments are still in existence today.

Ingz, Inc. acquired the rights and code to another version of this game in 2010. We have since rebuilt the app from the ground up to try to fix all the reported issues, and greatly improve the speed, graphics, AI, and game-play. It took a lot of effort and work, but this is a labor of love (since one of our founders went to said University). We hope you enjoy it!


Think you can play Dominoes 42 better than our AI?
Visit our developer’s website and tell us how it can be improved!!!
We’re hard at work on more updates… so give us your suggestions here:

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