Domino On Blue Client

Taking digital dominoes up a notch. Use your iPad as the board, and your iPhone/iPod to keep your dominoes.

All you need is Wi-Fi and someone to play with (up to 4 players), or if you don’t happen to have someone else around you can play vs up to 3 computers so you could play by yourself and even without the need for Wi-Fi.

For playing with friends you’ll need at least 3 devices (iPad must be included).

iOS 4.1 Supported
WiFi Supported
A.I. inside


· Up to 4 friends over a WiFi network.
· Download the iPhone/iPod app totally free
· A.I. let you pay vs up to 3 Coms
· A.I. helps you to place the tiles
· Friendly user interface (Cocos2d technology)
· Play with your friends at home
· Bonjour technology inside

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