Domino Keeper

Application has been redesigned to allow
-2 / 4 / Team players
-Any number of points to determine the winner
-Count by 1,3,5, or 10 points

Very simple to use and takes all lets the player focus on the game at hand…not keeping score!

Gone are the days of keeping score with a standard paper and pen.

Why not use your iPhone or iTouch to track the details while you focus on destroying your opponents at Dominos?

DominoKeeper is a companion application that is used WHILE you are playing a game of Dominoes. It’s a program that tracks the number of players and the points. Enjoy hours of Dominos without having to worry about the tracking mechanics of the game. Let the DominoKeeper keep score and tell you who wins!!!!
Game Features

2 player game / first to 50 points
2 player game / first to 100 points
4 player game / first to 100 point
4 player game / first to 200 point

Turn Sound On/Off
Count by 1’s OR 5’s
Edit Player Names
Game Types
How to Play

There are many variations on the game of Dominos. This application is used for games where points are used and the outcome is determined by the first person to get to a given total (50,100,200). There are 2 different games that this application can keep score for.

Add the ends of the dominos and when a multiple of 5 is present (5,10,15,20 etc) mark the points with the application – make sure Count By 5’s is set in the Settings Tab

After one player is out of dominos or if either player can’t play another peice…each player adds up their peices and the player with the most number of points loses. For example…Player 1 has 14 points and Player 2 has 24 points. Player 2 loses and player 1 gets to mark 24 points with the application. – make sure Count By 1’s is set in the Settings Tab.

Enjoy the games!

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