Dollhouse Story

★ Build and design a beautiful tower for the models ★

Use your creativity to design a fashionable and colourful tower for the models.
Collect coins and gain xp and use it to build and discover gorgeous rooms, decorations, shops and fun rooms.

Share your progress with friends and people from all around the world.

★ Unique models.
★ Beautiful Rooms.
★ Adorable Pets.
★ Cool Decorations.
★ Amazing fun rooms such as hair salon, gym, night club and more.
★ Connect with your friends and visit their towers.
★ Earn prizes by playing a cool spin the wheel mini game.
★ Complete captivating missions.

* Internet connection (WiFi or 3G) is required to play the game.
* This game is free to download and play, although users can purchase extra coins and diamonds.

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