Dogs Sweetie

★Best mobile game of the first China Mobile Internet fist award.
★Excellent game of China app game contest.
★Top class dog raising experience. Virtual dog for everyone.

【Main Feature】
★Breed collection: More than 30 breeds in the game, even Tibet Mastiff included!
★Dog care: Feed,water,bath,touch.anything. you can even hug your dog!
★Tricks training: Teach your dogs to learn more than 20 tricks! Even including Gangnam style!
★Top class DIY: Dress your dogs, Decorate your house, Give your dog tattoo.Best of all,you can try everything before you purchase them.
★Interaction: Interact with friends, help them or steal their coins,your choice.Get married and have puppies.
★Challenge: Fight on the street to earn the ranks. You have No.1 dogs.Bravo!


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