DodgeIt – Dodge the Balls

DodgeIt is an intuitive game to do the one thing all of humanity does instinctively: dodge flying objects. BUT not just any objects – ✪balls, flying balls✪

Simple to Play, Hard to Win, and More Addictive than Grandma’s Famous Sugar Cookies.

You control a rotating square, dodging all of the balls, gaining massive points, unlocking power ups, and kicking @%$ in the High Scores.

To play, touch your rotating square and drag it around to dodge those evil balls.
➲ Use your finger to touch and drag the square around dodging the balls.
➲ Press down anywhere on the screen with two fingers to pause.
➲ Win crazy amounts of points and earn useful power-ups to help you achieve better scores.


✓ Three Modes of Gameplay: Slow, Medium, Fast
✓ Eight Awesome Power-Ups
♕♕ 30,000 Points in ALL MODES => Small Player Power-Up
♕♕ 60,000 Points in ALL MODES => Slow Balls Power-Up
♕♕ 120,000 Points in ALL MODES =>Small Balls Power-Up
♕♕ 500,000 Points in ALL MODES => Stun Gun Power-Up
♕♕ 750,000 Total Points => Shield Power-Up
♕♕ 1,500,000 Total Points => Invincibility Power-Up
♕♕ 3,000,000 Total Points => Reverse Gun Power-Up
♕♕ 10,000,000 Total Points => Multiplier Shield Power-Up
✓ Slick RETINA DISPLAY Graphics for Entertaining Gaming
✓ Trippy Color Changes Based Upon Player Location
✓ Techno Background Music and Sound Effects


Bugs or Crashes? Suggestion or Feedback? Just want to say “Hello :)”?


Please go to our support URL: and GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK!

We want to make the game as awesome as our players want it ! Let US KNOW!

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