DodgeBlock 3D

In this version of the classic, dodge-obstacles game, you play as a ball, falling from an unknown height. As you progress through the levels, you fall faster but gain more score points.

There are two ways to play:
1.) Drag or tap to where you’d like to go
2.) Use your devices built in accelerometer to guide yourself

You can also play your own iPod music while playing this game’s sound effects, or just turn the sounds off.

There are also two ways to play, each with their own benefits:

In this mode, all you have to help yourself from colliding with obstacles are your fingers, your device’s built in accelerometer…and your reflexes. Though you have 2 extra lives in this version, you have no power ups to help you along the way to the ground. You will level up every thirty seconds.

In this new version of the classic game, you have several objects along the way that you can pick up. But be careful what you take, the power ups can prove to be your greatest tool in this mode, whereas the bad objects – the degrades – can be your defeat. So be on the look for the power ups and watch out for the degrades.

Look forward to future versions of this app with more power ups and degrades.

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