Classic dodge the ball game.

Very simple and addictive!

Every game is Unique! These balls used in the game never follow a set path!

Keep playing as the game get harder and more balls are added and ball speeds change!
Get power-ups to keep you going!

Share your scores!

Fully customizable UI!


DodgeBall is a manically fun game which is just like the real thing! Move your players out of the way of incoming balls while trying to get the other team out by throwing your balls at them.

Move your players to pickup the balls from around the edges of the court and throw them back at the other side.

Work to complete up to 50 rounds on 18 different levels to be the ultimate DodgeBall Champion!

Replay any level at any time, challenge your friends to see who can score more points.

Recommended for people who enjoy such games as: Basketball, Football, Tennis, Bomber man and other sport games.