DM Screen – 4th Edition

The perfect app for D&D Dungeon Masters who want instant access to frequently used charts.

DM Screen comes with a set of virtual dice, allowing the DM to quickly roll any combination of dice, including D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and Percentile. You can even select various roll-types, like 6d20 or 3d20. Whatever you need, DM Screen Dice will deliver.

DM Screen includes a Real-Time Clock for monitoring time.

Everything is just a tap away, including:

* Over 20 Fantasy Themed Backgrounds Keep the Interface Fresh.

* Unique Critical Hit/Fumble Charts for Optional “Natural 20/1″ rolls.

* Experience Chart Based on Monster Levels.

* Damage Charts Based on Player Level.

* Food/Lodging Costs.

* Lighting Chart for Various Illuminations.

* Character Advancement Chart.

* 4 Different Combat Action Charts, Including Movement, Standard, Immediate and Minor.

* Combat Advantage and Circumstance Charts.

* Strength Checks, DC’s and Falling Charts.

* Common Skill & Combat Checks.

* Character Conditions Charts.

* Death & Healing Charts.

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