Django’s Bounty Hunter 1800

Travel back to the old west and enter the world of Django Unchained,
Quentin Tarantino’s next film!

You are a hired gun and bounty hunter. The crime-ridden town of Greenville
is in desperate straits, and has appealed to you to help bring justice to the
city. Search through the town to find clues that lead you to your next target.
When you’re ready, steady your hand, slow your breath, and tap to aim
and shoot the wanted criminals with your sniper rifle. If your aim is true,
you’ll save the town — and collect a handsome reward along the way. The
game features intuitive controls, stylish graphics, and a great soundtrack —
including a first listen of a track from the film itself.

And be sure not to miss Django Unchained, in theaters December 25th, 2012
— Christmas Day!

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