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DJ Mix Tour is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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DJ Mix Tour Review

It can’t be that hard to make a decent music rhythm game for the iPhone. Consider the Tap Tap series, which contains a huge number of licensed songs, offers challenging beats to make your fingers dance on the screen, and even makes use of the iPhone’s motion controls. By comparison, DJ Mix Tour looks better, but the rhythm-game aspect is so poorly designed that it’s actually possible to fall asleep to the pulsing dance music.

This may be the best-looking game that we’ll actually urge you to avoid buying. From the screenshots, you can clearly see that the crowds in the background party scenes are bustling and appear to be having fun. The turntable in front of you is a pretty cool user interface, even if all you’re required to do is tap the buttons as they scroll by the bottom of the screen. If you go by looks alone, this game might get a pass.

Hey Mr. DJ, put another game on.

But clearly, that’s not why we buy games. If we wanted background visuals and a good techno song, we’d watch a music video. If you were hoping to move your fingers and interact with the lively club atmosphere, DJ Mix Tour won’t suffice. All you can do is patiently, slowly, tap out a meek beat and pray for the party to end.

As a rhythm game, DJ Mix Tour is an abject failure. The beat layouts are poorly designed, consisting of a dull back-and-forth with only a few variations, like linking together three beats in a row. The game makes no thoughtful use of the other iPhone capabilities, like tilt control. Plus, it’s far too easy even on hard mode, and you’ll have to unlock expert mode just to get a decent challenge.

None of the extras in DJ Mix Tour even come close to compensating for the poor gameplay. The menus and character designs are all slick, but the story is unimaginative. A mixing tool lets you mess with some of the songs in the game, but you can’t save any tracks you create, and your tools are limited to just fading and scratching the records. And finally, the track listing is pretty good if you like dance music, but popular artists like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have been replaced with generic singers.

DJ Mix Tour is not worth playing even if you love techno music or rhythm games. The graphic and sound artists involved in making this game are not responsible’” this game fails mainly because of the flat gameplay. We recommend that you skip DJ Mix Tour and pick up any of the far more exciting Tap Tap games instead.