Dizzypad is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Dizzypad

Ever since Frogger hit arcades back in 1981, videogame frogs have all had to face incredible obstacles whenever moving from one place to another. In Dizzypad from Nimblebit, not even their lily pad-filled pond is a safe haven for these unfortunate amphibians. However, what may be an arduous quest for frogs ends up being an entertaining distraction for gamers.

Dizzypad is a simple one-button game. Your frog sits on a constantly-rotating lily pad, and tapping the screen causes him to jump in whatever direction he is facing. Time it right and he will jump to the next lily pad. Time it wrong and he will make a suicidal leap into the pond. Everyone knows that frogs can’t swim.

When you run out of lives the game ends, but if you are daring enough, you can jump to a pad other than the one closest to you or hit a dragonfly in mid-air to gain extra lives.

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The point is to jump to as many lily pads as possible and share your high score with the world through Plus+. Also, there are achievements to earn and tropical skins to unlock and use to tart up your frog. It’s all wrapped in a mildly pleasant presentation that manages to turn a tense frog death march into a fairly relaxing experience.

Trying to beat your high score can become surprisingly addicting, but five minutes is all you really need to see what Dizzypad has to offer. At two bucks, Dizzypad’s one trick is a fun one that is easy to recommend. Let’s just hope there’s a special place in video game heaven for all those poor, virtual frogs.